Toothaches can range in their severity from mild, ignorable to extremely severe, unbearable. No matter the severity, however, in the case of toothaches, it is always wise to see a dentist or a specialist. Some of the symptoms of toothache could be sharp, throbbing pain in your tooth that you feel constantly, or when pressure is applied, swelling around the area of the teeth, headache, ear pain or fever and sometimes even disgusting taste in the mouth caused by a drained infection of a tooth.

What causes toothache?

A number of reasons could contribute to toothache but whatever the reason, it is very important that you visit a doctor at the earliest so as to not let the issue get out of hand. Some of the causes for a toothache are as follows:

  • A damaged filling might cause you to have a toothache
  • If you have infected gums, that could lead to toothache
  • Bacterial infection at the center of the tooth, also known as an abscessed tooth, could cause severe toothache
  • Decaying tooth can cause severe, unbearable toothache
  • After a wisdom tooth extraction, other teeth near the wisdom tooth could start aching due to shock
  • A tooth fracture could also cause toothache
  • Some people are used to chewing gum constantly or grinding their teeth. Such repetitive motions can contribute to toothaches

Treatments for toothache

At PHI Clinic, we have a number of licensed and certified dentists, specialists, orthodontists who would be happy to help you through your pains and aches. Our holistic treatment plans will include not just clinical procedures, but also medications, lifestyle changes and dietary plans as and when necessary. Depending on the nature of your toothache, our doctors will help you opt for treatments that will help you manage the pain as well as options like cavity-filling, root canal, or prescription medications. Please visit us so we can help get to the root of your toothache.