Imagine you are enjoying the lazy Sunday summer with friends and decide to get an ice-cream. As you take your first bite, a searing pain passes through your tooth, to your head. If that’s happened to you, this condition is called having sensitive teeth or sensitivity.

What causes sensitive teeth?

Such sharp pain in teeth, although often temporary, is very distressing and can be caused by not just cold or hot beverages, but also by a host of other factors. Some of the things that could cause sensitive teeth are:

  • Activities like chewing, brushing, gargling, etc.
  • Some people are used to grinding their teeth, this could cause sensitivity in teeth.
  • Ageing could also cause teeth sensitivity as the gums start receding in old age, exposing the roots of our teeth. These roots, without enamel protection become sensitive.
  • A decaying tooth could also cause sensitivity.
  • A cavity could definitely be at the root of tooth sensitivity at times.
  • Sometimes gum diseases, caused by poor dental hygiene or smoking, could cause sensitive teeth.

Treatments for sensitive teeth:

Depending on the root problem, sensitive teeth could be treated in a number of different ways. Some of the treatment options for tooth sensitivity are:

  • Fluoride treatment to help strengthen enamel could reduce teeth sensitivity
  • Bonding could be used on the sensitive roots to help reduce the sensitivity
  • Desensitizing toothpaste or gel, often available as an over-the-counter product, could help reduce teeth sensitivity
  • Surgical gum graft can be opted for when the sensitivity is due to loss of gum at the roots of your teeth.
  • Root canal would have to be done in case the teeth sensitivity is due to tooth decay and cavity.

At PHI Clinic, we always strive to offer holistic treatment plans that include lifestyle, dietary changes as well as medications and cosmetic procedures as needed.