Everyone doesn’t always have a photographic smile with beautifully aligned teeth. More often than not, people have a lot of crooked teeth, or misaligned teeth, this problem is also called Malocclusion. This could lead them to believe that their smile is also unattractive. However, a lot of treatments are available today to fix your misaligned teeth while giving you a beautiful smile.

What are some of the causes of misaligned teeth?

Misaligned teeth could be because of a number of different reasons. Having crooked, unshapely teeth is very common among people. Some of the things that could cause crooked, misaligned teeth are as follows:

  • Small mouth, leading to overcrowding of teeth which causes overlap of teeth. This makes the teeth crooked or misaligned.
  • Sometimes people’s upper and lower jaws are not proportionate. When a person has a larger upper jaw than the lower jaw, the upper jaw protrudes outside. This is called overbite and is a reason for misaligned teeth. When, on the other hand, a person’s lower jaw protrudes due to its bigger size than the upper jaw, it is called underbite and this also causes misaligned teeth.
  • In case you lose your milk teeth too early, this could cause overcrowding since your jaw doesn’t develop at the same speed.
  • Incorrectly done dental fillings could also cause the teeth to misalign.
  • If your jaw gets misaligned after an accident or an injury, this could shift your teeth, making them misaligned.
  • Some childhood habits like thumb sucking, excessive use of pacifier over the age of three years, and using the bottle for too long could all cause teeth to come out crooked.
  • Certain diseases like gingivitis or tumors in mouth or jaw could also contribute to misaligned teeth.

Problems with misaligned teeth

Having crooked teeth can interfere with a person’s self-confidence, making them feel conscious about their appearance, especially about their smile. However, apart from appearance, misaligned teeth are also not great from dental hygiene’s point of view. Some of the problems that could arise with misaligned teeth are as follows:

  • Difficulty in chewing food.
  • Problems keeping the teeth clean due to their crooked placement, making it tougher to get to places where food might be stuck.
  • In cases of overbite and underbite, if a tooth or teeth are sticking out, they are at a greater risk of breaking on impact.

Treatments for misaligned teeth and unattractive smile

Fixing an unattractive smile can be done by starting to align the teeth, to begin with. A few procedures that might be an option for fixing misaligned teeth and the unattractive smile are:

  • For minimal misalignment, crowns, veneers, bridges or dentures could be used to fix the problem
  • In most cases, braces would have to be put in place to align the teeth.
  • A cosmetic procedure called a Smile Makeover could also be opted for, which could include either or both of the above-mentioned procedures and could also include teeth whitening, cleanups, etc.
  • Sometimes, if you have a small jaw, some teeth might have to be extracted to make a place for the other teeth to fit in properly. This will solve the problem of overcrowding in the mouth and with braces, the teeth could then be aligned.
  • Surgical procedures to reshape the jaw and in cases of accidents or illnesses, adding plates and wires to stabilize the jaw could also be options that could be offered.

At PHI Clinic, we offer holistic treatment plans carefully based on your specific dental needs.