Get The Best In Class Cosmetic Surgery Done At Phi Cosmetic Clinic

Get The Best In Class Cosmetic Surgery Done At Phi Cosmetic Clinic

Phi Cosmetic Clinic is your one-stop solution for all your skin, body and hair related problems. We provide you with the best in class treatments to help you live confidently and glam up your life with your own appearance. We have at our expense a range of treatments and world-class doctors to perform them. Some of our services are.


In this treatment range, we provide you with laser treatments, micro needling radiofrequency, dermal fillers, botox, vampire facelift, hand rejuvenation, feet rejuvenation, brow lift, facelift, fat transfers and many more. Our cosmetic clinic in Chembur provides you with all this and many more customised cosmetic treatments at a very affordable price.

With age, your face tends lose that charm and brightness that you used to be proud of during your younger age. Do not fret. We can make your skin look all smooth and attractive with our treatment range. Exposure to excessive sun, dirt and constant use of cosmetics causes all of this. A cosmetic treatment gives a lift to your confidence and a natural blushing look.


Everyday hair fall and dandruff can leave you feeling frustrated and worried. But having beautiful hair is not an impossible thing. Our cosmetic surgeons in Chembur have many treatments for every type of hair problem. From professional hair care, hair loss treatment, hair induction, hair mesotherapy, hair transplant surgery we do it all. Densify your hair with our professional range of hair care solutions. Board certified cosmetic surgeons perform the above treatments ranging from medicinal treatments to best hair transplant surgery in Mumbai.


Sometimes there are few parts or organs of your body that may not be in equivalent proportion with your body. We provide you with treatments like breast augmentation, nasal augmentation, chin implants, pectoral implants, testicular implants and lot more. We perform the best breast surgery in Chembur with the help of reputed doctors. Plastic surgeon in Chembur helps you achieve an ideal body thus increasing your confidence. This can either be done with the help of autografts or allograft.


Reveal your inner beauty with the help of our best dermatologist in Chembur. The different range of cosmetic surgeries including premium medicated facials, chemical peels, lasers, acne treatments, stretch marks is designed to provide you with flawless skin.


Somebody parts require rectification. Our range of services helps you achieve the perfect shape. Our doctors are highly skilled and have an unmatched passion to perform operations safely. Our treatment plan consists of injection lipolysis, tummy tuck surgery, thigh lift, face contouring, arm lift, facelift etc.

You get treatment plans at an affordable and competitive price and your surgeries performed by some of the most renowned and celebrated doctors.

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