Broken Teeth / Fractured Teeth

A fall is okay so long as you come out of it with just a small bruise. But imagine getting up to find out that you have chipped a tooth or broken it. You might also end up chipping your tooth when chewing food. If you ever encounter this, remember to immediately see a dentist. A tiny breakage is fixable with a small in-office procedure however, if your tooth is seriously damaged or broken, you will need a more complicated procedure.

Treatment options for broken teeth

Often when someone chips off just a tiny little portion of their tooth, a dentist might suggest filing it or grinding it down to make it even. However, if the chipped tooth is in the front where it will be visible, the expert might use a tooth-colored composite resin. This technique is called Bonding.

In cases when the broken part of the tooth is much larger, the expert would file the remaining part of the tooth and then cover it with a cap or a crown. Metal crowns are a popular option, but porcelain or resin crowns are also something that a lot of people prefer as they resemble the natural tooth much more closely.

Other procedures include adding a dental veneer or root canal therapy. What treatment is recommended to you, would depend completely on the extent of damage to your tooth.

At PHI Clinic, we offer treatment plans that are holistic in nature; meaning, not only do we offer dental treatments, but we will also walk you through the lifestyle changes needed to maintain the effects of the treatment. At times, we might also prescribe medication, depending on your problem.