Balding Making You Look Older?

Balding Making You Look Older?

Balding is a problem faced by men and women across the globe. No matter whether you are an Indian or an American, problem of balding remains the same for all. According to top cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, it has been found that balding in men is usually due to genetic reasons and mainly from the father’s genes and sometimes from the maternal side too. This means if you are balding, you will look older than you actually are. It is one of the most significant explanation why balding is associated with ageing.

Why do men lose hair?

There are n numbers of reasons contributing to the hair loss in men. Pollution, unhealthy eating habits, stress, deficiency of vitamin B and vita min C, drinking and smoking are some of the main reasons. The more carbon monoxide you inhale while you smoke, more are the chances of increasing the pace of hair loss. According to an expert at a top cosmetic clinic in Mumbai, all the above reasons have their contribution for balding in men but genetic factors and hereditary reasons still have an upper hand.

It is emotional more than physical!

Over the years it has been observed that balding in men is more sort of an emotional problem than physical problem. According to a renowned cosmetic doctor in Mumbai, balding men are not only subjected to various balding jokes but people often judge them as older than their actual age. This further aggravates their stress and they fall in the trap of a vicious circle of balding.

How to deal with the problem?

We are living in the times of science and technology and there is no such problem whose solution is not available. So, also the problem of balding.

The first and foremost step of moving towards a solution is accept the fact that your hair are thinning and you are heading towards or already reached to the stage of balding. Acceptance is the key as you once accept the problem then finding a solution to the problem becomes easier.

According to a renowned cosmetic surgeon in Chembur, there can be many approaches in the treatment of balding. Depending on the gravity of your problem one of which can be accepted as a mode of treatment. Processes like using solutions for hair growth and restoration, hair transplant to restore the hair line and for new hair growth are some of them.

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