Are you noticing early signs of ageing?

Are you noticing early signs of ageing?

Two most important things that should be done in your 20’s is save for your retirement and work on your skin to prevent those early signs of ageing. We can help you achieve healthy and young-looking skin.

Ageing is a natural process which we all have to go through. But why let it show on your face? Certain precautions, skin care routine and little awareness can prevent you looking five years elder than your actual age. So let us have a look on some early signs of ageing and what can you do about it.

Sun spots or hyperpigmentation!

Skin damaged by the UV rays of sun start surfacing on your skin in your 20’s/ though their visibility differs from person to person and it all depends on your lifestyle, genetics and eating habits. According to a cosmetic surgeon in Chembur, using a retinol-based product or hydroquinone for skin care can help you in reducing those spots significantly.

Teeny weeny tiny lines!

Those tiny lines which become all the more evident when your makeup settles in it can come as a major dampener to you. Don’t you worry as a cream-based foundation, line filling primer and tinted moisturizer can take care of it. But talking about skin care part, an expert at a cosmetic clinic in Chembur tells that using a peel containing miniscule amounts of glycolic acid in every three to four days will not only make the lines less evident but prevent further wrinkles on the skin.

Premature ageing!

We are living in a world where UV rays, pollution and dust expose our skin to free radicals which further destroys the collagen, elastin and ceramides of the skin. According to an expert of cosmetic clinic in Chembur all these are required for not only preventing the premature ageing of the skin but also to make it look smooth and tight for longer period of time. If you are going through such thing then it is time to change your serums and eye care products and switch to products which are retinol based and have anti-ageing properties.

Dull Skin

According to a renowned dermatologist in Chembur, dull and lifeless skin is another sign of ageing. A good scrub and peel with glycolic acid can do wonders with otherwise dull and dark looking skin.

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