Acne Leaves Marks Behind. Post Acne Treatment Is Important for Clear & Clean Skin

Acne Leaves Marks Behind. Post Acne Treatment Is Important for Clear & Clean Skin

Active breakouts of acne are quite painful and embarrassing too. But the effect of the scars left behind can take a huge toll on the affected individual, physically and emotionally. But today with the availability of acne treatment Mumbai, the fear of scars can be eliminated.

If the acne breakout goes deep into the skin causing harm to the underlying tissues then scars are left behind. Before treating the acne scars you ought to know their type so as to undergo the right treatment mode. However, the urgency to get the acne treated should not be forgotten in order to:

Reduce the development of mild acne into a severe one.
Lessen the total effort if acne treatment is undertaken earlier.
Reduce prevalence of lingering spots
Reduce the need for taking stronger medication
Avoid the emergence of emotional issues related to acne and acne scars

Certain home remedies too are available but it is always wiser to consult a dermatologist in Chembur or any other place and get it treated at the earliest. Various treatment modes are available depending upon the intensity and grade of acne scars affliction. A brief on some of them is listed below.

Dermabrasion: One of the commonly used techniques, this is effective if the scars have not affected deeply, for example in case of rolling scars. Nevertheless, the impact of deeper scars is also lessened through this treatment mode.
Chemical Peels: Your consultant at the skin treatment clinic in Mumbai will suggest a chemical peel that will give the desired results. It involves the use of a strong acidic mix that peels the skin’s upper layer to lessen the deeper scars.
Laser Resurfacing: This technique offers quicker healing as compared to other treatment modes. However, this is suitable only for lighter skin tones.
Fillers: This technique helps to smoothen out the scar depressions by injecting fillers. Fillers can comprise of collagen, hyaluronic acid or individual’s body fat. Replacement has to be done after a period of 6 months to one and half years though some of them offer permanent solution.
Microneedling: One of the relatively newer treatment modes this is a safe technique suitable for all skin types. However, the results are evident after a period of nine months or so.

Acne scars can be distressing but the availability of varied treatment modes has made it less frightening. Availing good acne treatment Mumbai will enable you to tackle it effectively and obtain a clear and clean skin once again under supervision of best plastic surgeon Mumbai.

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